embodiment lab

by jsbodywork

A few years ago I began to recognize that the term ’embodiment’ was being co-opted by different fields of study in ways that were sometimes aligned, but more often not.  Interested in finding a unified concept of embodiment, I strongly desired for the somatic practices in which I was active and the theoretical disciplines of which I was enamored to talk to each other.  To this end, I created the embodiment lab – a collection of yoga practitioners who were also university professors.  Their fields included cultural studies, communications, women’s studies, political science, biostatistics, medical anthropology, and library and information technology.

My goal was never reached for the group took on a life of its own, first to put together a grant proposal (for which we were runner up) to support an experimental core of embodiment-based university courses, and then simply to gather, eat, practice and otherwise witness each other.  We became an embodied community.

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embodiment: resonance at the cellular level