Many of my students have asked me to record some audio bits to support their home practice.  Slowly, I am beginning to record little practice sequences that can be taken individually or pieced together for a full practice.  Enjoy!

Bridging for a Stable Pelvis (15 minutes)

Hip Opening Sequence  (25 minutes)

Leg Opening Sequence (25 minutes)

Lower Abdominal Sequence (8 minutes)

Upper Abdominal Sequence (7 minutes)

Side Leg Lift Sequence (7 minutes – one side)

I use the next series of recordings to introduce students to basic movement principles:

Letting the Breath Move You  by Donna Farhi

Amplifying the Breath  by Donna Farhi

Guiding the Breath by Donna Farhi

Yielding to the Earth  by Donna Farhi

Starfish  by Donna Farhi

Navel Radiation  by Donna Farhi

Spinal Elongation and Riding the Breath  by Donna Farhi

Cascade Effect of the Foundation  by Donna Farhi

Following the Line of the Bones  by Donna Farhi

Visualizing Movement Potential by Irene Dowd